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Hey there.

This is me.


I’m just a tradie, with a big dream.

I’ve never been one to be satisfied with the status quo.

I like to push myself and see what limits I can break  – physically and mentally.

I love my life. I have a beautiful wife and kids that mean the world to me, a job that I love waking up for every morning, and blessed to be surrounded by amazing family and friends.

But I’ve been feeling like I need a new challenge in life. 

What’s a gym loving, clean eating, funny guy like me who already has what he could possibly want, do that will really challenge and push me out of my comfort zone?

All my life I’ve been told people wish they had the disciplined mindset that I have.  I’m a doer – not a gonna, shoulda , woulda kind of guy.

So I asked myself a question.

What would be the most outrageous, comfort pushing, uplevelling thing I could do in my life right now?

Then it came to me.


Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not a total dag, but I’m definitely no fashion guru either.

This was definitely an area that I had no knowledge or, to be honest, even interest in.

But I wanted it to be more than just fashion. 

What was going to make me different from the rest?

I wanted it to be a label, a statement. 

Something that someone could look at and instantly have it resonate with them.

Then it came to me – My focus.  My mindset. My determination.

Things that come naturally to me, and I know there are others out there who feel the same. 

Those who spend their lives working towards achieving their dream, pushing along, breaking through barriers, showing up every day in the arena, no matter what life throws at them. 

And the word earned appeared.

I knew right then in my bones this was something that would resonate with people.

EARND is a philosophy.

A way of living – a sense of satisfaction, commitment and inner knowing that you’ve put your heart and soul into something and you deserve – no,  in fact demand – the respect that comes along with it.

If this resonates with you, I want you to come along on the ride with me.

The highs, the lows, the learning curves – all of it.

It’s the journey that makes it all worth it, not just the end result.

And I’d love to be able to say I’ve been able to play a small part in helping you to achieve that.

Welcome to the tribe.